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all Kuhn Sails Fotos from the Immoset M2 training with Mitch Booth





Kuhn Sails an der Swissboat Nautic 2017

Halle 3.2. Stand F 04.




1. Swiss H-Boot Championship 2016 with Sven Holzer, Dieter Kuhn, Wolfgang Holzer



New great results with Kuhn Sails 2016


1. Rang mit Sven Holzer, Dieter Kuhn, Wolfgang Holzer. H-Boot Schweizermeisterschaft.

1. Rang mit Sven Holzer, Wolfgang Holzer. H-Boot. Finale Ammersee.

1. Rang "Fettes Boot" mit Marcel Mracsek. Blue Planet Flug Trophi. Gesamtwertung und Yrst. 1.

1. Rang "Teaser" mit Hans Jörg Etter. Zweihand Regatta. Yardstick 1.

1. Rang "Teaser" mit Hans Jörg Etter. Mondscheinwoche. Yardstick 1.

1. Rang "Corbo" mit Peter Müller. Blauband Zugersee.

1. Rang "Brava" mit Ernst Rohner. Drei Länder Cup. ORC 1.

1. Rang Sven Holzer. Horst Nebel Preis.

1. Rang "Holy Smoke" Walter Steiner. Ost-West Regatta. Katamaran.

1. Rang "Jill" Marianne Karlsen. Uri Stier Regatta. SRS Cruiser. J 88.

1. Rang "Teaser" mit Hans Jörg Etter. Bodensee Quer. Yardstick 1.

1. Rang "Teaser" mit Hans Jörg Etter. The Race 70 Meilen. Yardstick 1.

1. Rang "Holy Smoke" Albert Schiess. The Race 70 Meilen. Katamaran.

1. Rang "Aizira" Stefan Züst. The Race 70 Meilen.

1. Rang "FRI" Kaspar Müller. Int. Oltimer Regatta.

1. Rang "Aizira" Stefan Züst. Regatta der Eisernen.

2. Rang mit Sven Holzer, Wolfgang Holzer. H-Boot Alpenpokal am Gardasee.

2. Rang mit Sven Holzer, Wolfgang Holzer. H-Boot König Ludwig Pokal.

2. Rang "Holy Smoke" Albert Schiess. Blue Planet Flug Trophi. Katamaran.

2. Rang "Fettes Boot" mit Patrick Maurer. Drei Länder Cup. Yardstick 1.

2. Rang "Fettes Boot" mit Patrick Maurer. Rund Um 2016. Yardstick 2.

2. Rang "Fettes Boot" mit Patrick Maurer. Altnauer Tag und Nacht Regatta. Yardstick 1.

2. Rang "Leni" August Hamm. Drei Länder Cup. Yardstick 3.

2. Rang "Jill" Marianne Karlsen. 50 Meilen Trophi. SRS Cruiser. J 88.

2. Rang "Mojo" Ueli Naef. The Race 70 Meilen. ORC Sportboote.

2. Rang "Misia" mit Franco Barletta. Regatta der Eisernen.

2. Rang "Esperina" mit Martin Huser. Regatta der Eisernen.

3. Rang "Misia" mit Franco Barletta. Bodenseewoche. ORC 1.

3. Rang "Elma" Hubert Kinz. Ost-West Regatta. Unvermessen.

3. Rang "Aizira" Stefan Züst. Int. Oltimer Regatta.


Images from left. The Race overall winner 2016 "Teaser".  Happy Kuhn Sails winner from the The Race.



Images from left to right: Images 1 "Corbo" Blauband Zugersee. Images 2 "Corbo" Blauband Zugersee. Images 3 "Teaser" Two hand Regatta. Images 4 "Misia" Bodenseewoche. 





Kuhn Sails new product "BlackMembran"

Lighter and smoother than conventional sails. Perfect shape in light winds.

"Corbo" winner blauband lake Zug 2016.




Kuhn Sails on the Interboot 2016 Friedrichshafen

 exhibition booth A1-605





First sailing, on the Yamila with Kuhn Sails. A happy customer. 




 Lake Constance Pilot Cutter mit Kuhn Sails 





Ullman Sails Switzerland  is again Kuhn Sails


 Kuhn Sailing Center GmbH produces no more Ullman Sails in Switzerland. Kuhn Sailing Center GmbH produces in the future only under own label, Kuhn Sails.



"Teaser" first rank. The Race 2015, with Kuhn Sails.






Kuhn Sailing Center with Kuhn Sails made a great record and results

Holy Smoke was already under two hours at the finish. Never before has a boot faster at the finish in the three-country Cup. Long before a boat could be seen from Altenrhein, rushed after 1 hour 40 minutes, the catamaran "Holy Smoke".  "Holy Smoke"was the first across the finish line, followed by "Catair" a Ventilo M2 catamaran to 11 min later.
"Holy Smoke" sailed 4:55:42, just only 8 seconds after the "Sonnenkönig" to the sensational 2 rank at the lake konstanz "Rund Um" 2014. In the blue band were 210 ships at the start.




3 Länder Cup

fastest boat on corrected time „Türmlespokal“

1 Rang, Holy Smoke, Katamaran, Schiess Albert


1 Rang, Holy Smoke, Katamaran, Schiess Albert

Yardstick 1

1 Rang, Fettes Boot, Formel 20, Maurer Patrick

Yardstick 3

2 Rang, First 27.7, Hamm August


Two Hand Regatta

Yardstick 1

3 Rang, Teaser, Henderson 30,  Etter Hans-Jörg


Singel Hand Regatta

Yardstick 2

3 Rang, Ladies First,  Bénéteau 31.7, Hessel Silke


Rund Um 2014

Nach Zieleinlauf:

2 Rang, Holy Smoke, Katamaran, Schiess Albert. Holy Smoke segelt 8 Sekunden nach dem Sonnenkönig über die Ziellinie von über 210 Schiffen.

Nach Klassen:

Yardstick I

1 Rang, Teaser, Henderson 30,  Etter Hans-Jörg

Mehrrumpfboote über 7,50 m Länge

2 Rang, Holy Smoke, Katamaran, Schiess Albert


Int. Bodenseewoche 2014


1 Rang, Frei, Jack mit Topas III



New Kuhn Sails representation on Lake Zug

Shipyard Hauser, Lake Zug in Baar, becomes the agent license of Ullman Sails Central Switzerland. The service includes repairs and new cruising and racing sails.

More Info Click here



Swiss Champion 2013 in H-Boot, Sven Holzer with Kuhn Sails
The superior 2013 winner comes from Konstanz (SVS), with Sven, Sarah and Wolfgang Holzer.




 Lecture Series with sailmakers and sail designer, Dieter Kuhn

Very exciting.

More info click on the picture.





Distortion of the cloth under sailing conditions





Go-On with Dietmar Salzmann wins the round 2012 with a new mainsail from Kuhn Sails




Kuhn-Sails produce Ullman-Sails in Romanshorn





We develop, design and produce the Ullman Sails here at our loft in Romanshorn. We have obtained the exclusive rights for the whole of Switzerland, southern Germany and Austria.
We are very excited about this collaboration. Thus an enormous know-how is combined to sail design and sail production.
Ullman Sails has a worldwide presence with more than 38 lofts. The core design team is led by Dave Ullman. He is 4 times 470 and Melges 24 World Champion. He was Yachtsman of the Year. Ullman also led the team several crews to Olympic glory. Strongly represented in the Ullman Sails J 22, J 24, J 80, Melges 24, TP 52, RC 44, Tornado and A-Cat.



The Swiss television reported Hydrofoil Sailboat from ETH Zurich with Kuhn Sails





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